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The Step By Step Process We Take With Every Asset

Exclusive Access

Step 1: Exclusive Access

Exclusive Access to loans through our outstanding relationships built over time.


Step 2: In-Depth Analysis

We perform in depth due diligence which identifies potential assets so we can conduct our analysis with a fine toothed comb. 

In-Depth Analysis
Efficient Budgeting

Step 3: Efficient Budgeting

We submit a bid according to our due diligence, budgeting appropriately per each specific scenario. 


Step 4: Asset Outcomes

Once the asset is in our portfolio, we then pursue the best possible outcome for each asset, weighing our options based on total cost and the estimated duration of the investment.


We value the efficiency of our deals, ensuring we are continuously moving forward from acquisition to liquidation.

Asset Outcomes

Coastline Capital Asset Management

In the event we reclaim the property REO, we have our specialized department: Coastline Capital Asset Management (CCAM) that has the resources to renovate and manage properties in any state, if plausible.

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