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About Us

Coastline Capital Fund Management, LLC (“CCFM”), is headquartered in  Saint George UT, and was founded by Sean Irwin as an asset acquisition and management company focused on the residential non-performing loan market in 2016.

Our Team

Dedicated. Passionate. Experts.

CCFM prides itself on helping distressed borrowers get back on track and keeping homeowners in their homes.


Our Vision

Over the past 10 years, Affiliates of CCFM have spent considerable time and resources to develop very close relationships with large private equity funds and hedge funds that receive large pools of mortgage notes. This enables CCFM to have a “first look” capability and exclusive access to a large number of loans before the pools are broken up into smaller groups to sell down the line to smaller hedge funds and individual investors. Our strategy is to use CCFM’s preferred access to buy pools of loans at better discounts than those that may be available to individual investors and smaller capital funds.

Our Track Record

Mr. Irwin and Mr. Silverstein have a proven track record of sifting through note pools for sale to find the loans with the best chances for the highest profitable outcomes. They have a hands-on approach in every aspect of trading and asset management, which includes acquisitions, due diligence, negotiations, servicing, maintaining vendor relationships, and disposition of real estate owned property.

One’s reputation matters greatly. CCFM benefits from an excellent reputation of consistently and reliably completing negotiated trades and acting with the utmost integrity.


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