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Coastline Capital Fund Management LLC

Coastline Capital Fund Management is a private equity fund which specializes in investing and managing Non-Performing and Performing Residential/Commercial Loans nationwide.

With Coastline Capital, you’ll get authenticity, transparency, accessibility and professionalism. We always endeavor to maximize returns for our investors while providing solutions for borrowers wherever possible.

Let us do the heavy lifting while your investment grows!


Our Competitive Advantage

Since 2009, we’ve spent considerable time and resources to develop and maintain excellent relationships with Wall Street hedge funds.

This enables us to get preferred access to large pools of residential and commercial loans that aren’t typically accessible to other investors.


Our profit models allow us to quickly and efficiently analyze a large number of assets whilst maintaining the highest quality due diligence process ensuring there is no stone left unturned. This has been fundamental to our ongoing success.

We have the resources to take advantage of all possible exit strategies with boots on the ground across the continental United States from loan modification to fix and flip allowing us to maximize profitability for our investors.

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