We manage Funds that invest in Non-Performing and Performing Notes backed by Residential Real Estate



Coastline Capital Fund Management LLC ("CCFM") manages portfolios of non-performing notes backed by residential real estate and "fix and flip" properties for our partners and specific investment funds. 

CCFM closed its first private placement offering, Coastline Capital Fund II (“the Fund”), on December 31st, 2017. Currently, CCFM manages approximately $3.1 million in notes and properties. CCFM buys 1st position NPN’s backed by single family residences and condos with values of $70,000 and above, analyzes the best disposition strategies, implements those strategies, and oversees progress until completion.




Coastline Capital Fund Management LLC was founded by Sean Irwin, CEO of Coastline Capital Group LLC, and Andy Mirza, President of Empire Quality Rentals LLC, in 2016.

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