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Changing It Up

I’m dedicating myself to making quick, weekly updates. I usually send out an update once a month and post it to the “News” section of this website.

For those of you who can’t get enough, I’ll provide the latest news about our Funds, anything else that might be interesting in the Non-Performing Note world, and, heck, maybe something personal or unrelated from time to time.

We are open and transparent and want to increase our outreach to potential investors, vendors, and other allies in the business. We also want to stay better connected, be more responsive to our investors’ needs and be able to answer questions more easily.

Stay tuned for more of “Andy’s Stories” quick updates, and other stuff that I hope you’ll find valuable and worth reading. I’m making this a real blog!

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How did COVID affect our assets? There was a two month pause from March to May, 2020 where everything, everywhere was at a standstill. After that, some states started to open back up and were back to

Last week, I wrote a blog post about how our non performing note funds did in 2021. This week, I’ll talk about how we expect our Funds to perform in 2022. Keep in mind, these are our best estimates o

What an amazing year! In January, we were still experiencing the pandemic in close to full force. Some states had re-opened. Others had greater lockdowns including moratoria for foreclosures & evictio

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