Funds Open for Investment:

We just closed Coastline Capital Fund III in December, 2018. We expect to open one or more Funds in 2019. Check back with us in late January, 2019.

Interested in Investing in Notes through an Investment Fund?

Coastline Capital Fund II was open to Accredited and Non-Accredited investors. Future Funds will most likely be open to Accredited Investors only because we want to be able to do general solicitation and the only exemption available to us is Reg D, 506(c). We apologize to those who are not Accredited investors who would like to invest in a Fund such as ours but we are at the mercy of the SEC on this one. 

Click here to learn what qualifies one as an Accredited Investor.

Our Advantages:

CCFM is nimble, more responsive, and more attentive to the NPNs it controls, thereby making better choices for exit strategies to maximize the profits of each of the notes, unlike complicated, slower-moving, large investment companies. Exit strategies include foreclosing on the note and selling it at trustee sale, taking the property back after trustee sale as an REO, rehabbing it, and selling the property for retail, accepting a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure and selling the property on the market, allow the borrower to conduct a short sale, or get the note to re-perform and sell to institutional investors after a proper amount of“seasoning.”

We have access to Coastline Capital Asset Management, LLC, an affiliated company focused on maximizing profits specifically for REO’s (“Real Estate Owned,” a common term for properties that lenders take possession of following a foreclosure.) CCAM is not the typical REO servicer that provides mediocre service and returns. CCAM gives each asset attention to detail, works to ensure that the right amount of renovations are made at a fair price, and gets full market value for the properties. It does this by establishing networks of real estate agents, contractors, and other vendors it finds through a proprietary REO management software platform.

Why Should you Invest with us?

You understand real estate, finance, and the current opportunity that the ongoing resolution of NPN’s represents.

You want to be able to invest in NPN’s, but don’t have the specialized knowledge, experience, time, relationships, and/or access to do so effectively and profitably.

Sean Irwin and Andy Mirza are honest men with integrity. We believe in doing the right thing and we treat people accordingly. We take our fiduciary duties seriously and will take great care of our investors’ money with the primary goals of maximizing profits and returning investors’ contributions and preferred returns as soon as possible.

Read below to find out more about our existing Fund and upcoming Fund Opportunities. Currently, we have no Funds open to investors but we hope to have some available by the end of Summer, 2018.

Non - Performing Note Funds


Coastline Capital Fund III

Coastline Capital Fund III  is a Reg D, 506 (c) exemption, Private Placement Offering for Accredited investors to participate in the acquisition and liquidation of first position, non-performing notes backed by residential real estate. The Fund is a straight liquidation model with a preferred return and profit share with the investor. The Fund opened June 1st, 2018 and closed to investors on December 1st, 2018, having raised $1.6 million. For more information, visit our dedicated website and investor portal at or clink on this link to see a webinar presentation that goes into the details of investing in Coastline Capital Fund III.


Coastline Capital Fund II

Coastline Capital Fund II  was formed as a Reg D, 506 (b) exemption, Private Placement Offering to investors to participate in the acquisition and liquidation of first position, non-performing notes backed by residential real estate. It was open to investors in the second half of 2017 and closed to new investors on December 31st, 2017. With the capital we raised, we purchased 5 non-performing notes with an unpaid principal balance of $707,000 by mid-February, 2018. We were able to hand select these notes from our seller and have liquidated 3 out of the 5 assets. We have two REOs left to sell, at which point we will close up the Fund.

The Fund offered its investors a preferred return plus a share of the profits of the liquidated notes.

Performing Note Funds

None at the moment.